Lets do this thing

My darling hubs, 2 kids, 1 German shepherd, and quite a few fish decide to embark in this adventure across the country. Now there are options…one could hire a moving company and have them move us, rent a uhaul and cram in there and trailer some cars, sell everything and fly (tempting at this point), or our option…get a pod, pack it full, piggy back on our neighbor’s garage sale, donate a bunch of stuff and hope that the pod gets shipped wherever we land!



We looked at our lives and said “what are we doing here” “are we getting everything out of every day that we could”?
The answer was no…the last few years we have both suffered a lot: from the unexpected death of my hubs dad, to suicide of a good friend, to a murder of another, and then all the other grief that goes along with working as emergency responders. We love what we do for work, but decided that living for our careers was selfish to ourselves and our children (and our pup).

The reason for change

ali fam with bear


Trash is anything worthless, useless, discarded, or rubbish…its not just that stinky can that we wheel to the end of the driveway and mindlessly let the trash company pick up, it is also what we put in our bodies, our minds, and our lives.

Everyone has different trash; personally, mine is wine, whiskey, tequila, chips and salsa, chocolate, over buying, over spending, my inability to release my emotions, mind numbing TV shows and paging through social media. These are the things that I thoroughly enjoy temporarily, but have done very little to help me improve myself or what is important in my life.

With this change in my life I decide I will make a valiant effort to take the trash out, will I be perfect? Heck no, that is not me…will I make a constant effort to change for myself, yes.

Part of this transition in my life is to really focus on nutrition, to learn what will fuel me with goodness all the way down to my cells. Each one of us is an individual and I have to remember that my trash is my trash, the hubs has his own, as do both of my kids. The food that makes the most trash is what trashes our body the most, every pre packaged food is wrapped up in a bag or box that will eventually end up in the trash…the contents of most of these foods are trashing our bodies.

So no more trash in the trailer (travel trailer that is), we are going to eat healthy and whole foods while moving across the country and for however long we decide to live in our travel trailer for!

The hubs and I while still eating lots of trash

chris ali old

Much improvement means some work

chris ali new

(us 2 years later….no, we are not perfect and do have the occasional beer or wine)

Be patient

In this travel trailer we are learning patience, patience with ourselves, patience with each other, and asking for forgiveness. We have not been great the last 6 months with our eating or physical exercise and are starting to tip back to picture #1, but we have asked for forgiveness of our bodies and the torture we put them through with the trash we put inside them….and we take the darn trash out of the trailer!

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