Why prep?  It is Sunday evening and I would so much rather sit down with the hubs and a glass of wine and listen to the frogs in our backyard.  But prep is so important and I really do know this.  If I do not prep then come next Sunday I find stalks of celery and heads of broccoli shoved in the back of the fridge, I resort to eating out more, and I shove my spoon in the peanut butter regularly.

So tonight I open up the back door and pour me a glass of water with cucumbers and mint in it and start prepping.  I throw a whole chicken in the oven at 400 degrees after rubbing it with dijon mustard, salt, and pepper and shoving some grapefruit slices inside of it.  Then I put some local free range chicken eggs on my stove and they start to boil.  Then it is beet time (it is beet season around here!)  IMG_1570

(I just love how these guys look peeled and cut, it is my own version of performing surgery)

So I make beet kvass, which thanks to wellness mama I have an easy recipe for it.  Beet kvass is a excellent for digestive problems, the immune system, allergies, kidneys, and cleanses the liver (which after years of living in wine country I need)!  I also slice up some beets for salads and lightly boil and roast some more beets to throw into other dishes.  Then I take the wild salmon that is frozen for individual servings out of the freezer to defrost.  Next I move on to raw almonds and pepitas (that have not been gassed) and I start soaking them so I can sprout them and then roast them for snacks.  These make an excellent quick snack for the whole family and I can make my old almond butter with them….so much more delicious then anything that can be purchased.  Now it is time to make the next week’s bread, I use sprouted whole wheat (someday I will start doing my own, but for now I purchase this one).  The recipe I like the best is from Haylie Pomroy’s site.  So now that I sound like the organic Betty Crocker lets move on to the basics- cut up cucumbers, cut cup and washed celery, and cut up bell peppers.  By doing all of this I have no excuse to reach for pantry food.  I keep lemons, avocados, apples, and whatever else in a glass jar that stays covered from fruit flies but is quickly accessible for my family’s snacking needs.

All of that took 45 minutes (well except the chicken, it is still cooking).  It means for a less food stressful week for me and for my family.  We can all grab and go as we are heading to school, work, track practice, football, horseback riding, etc.

Food prep is my survival secret.  I suggest it.  Just because you are reading this on Monday do not think “great idea, I will do this next Sunday”….get it done, no matter the day of the week!


My kitchen post food prep


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