So delicious, so creamy, makes all those greens tastes so much better. I love butter. Yet somehow we let the food giants convince us that butter is bad and we should instead eat fake butter that was made in a factory with a bunch of ingredients that most people have no clue how to even pronounce.
Luckily we are on the end of the ban butter phase in America and are learning that butter is good for you, in fact it helps protect you from tumor growth and cancer.
Butter is not an inflammatory like man-made oils from corn, canola or soy, and provides a nice dose of Omega 3 fatty acids, it is a good source of vitamin A/E/K2, its a good source of butyrate which helps keep things moving in the colon. But it is important that you must get it from the right source. But finding the right source can be tricky given all the buzz words and fancy marketing these days. Choosing the wrong type of butter can secretly ruin your health without you even knowing it! Here’s a look at what’s really going on and how to choose the healthiest butter for you and your family. The image is from one of my favorite food bloggers the food babe

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Always look for organic butter; this will ensure that your butter does not have any additional hormones or antibiotics in it.
Next look for butter from grass fed cows, this is where you will get your highest CLAs and Omega 3s.

But my body really does not like dairy…

I hear you, mine has felt the same way.Ghee is a great option. Ghee is clarified butter where all the proteins, milk solids and lactose is removed. This makes the butter more digestible, concentrated with nutrients and really great for building up your immune system. And it is easier to digest for those that do not do well with dairy.

Beware of butter mixes, most of these have questionable additives in them.

Vegan options: If you are vegan, skip all the “butter like” or fake butter spreads like Smart Balance that contain GMO oils and artificial ingredients. Instead, choose
100% coconut oil, olive oil,
red palm oil or
hemp oil instead. Also
coconut manna works well too, when slightly heated it spreads just like butter. (These are also much healthier than organic spreads like Earth Balance that are usually a combo of gut inflammatory causing oils).

But my cholesterol???
Cholesterol is like cake, good in moderation. It’s misleading to call cholesterol an evil, artery-clogging fat because cholesterol performs a lot of important functions. It helps produce hormones, cell membranes and vitamin D, and aids in digestion. It also plays a role in cognitive function, helping to form memories. Most of the cholesterol in your bloodstream is, in fact, created by your body, not your diet.
Research is challenging the decades-old notion that saturated fat — found primarily in meat, butter and cheese — is the leading cause of clogged arteries and heart disease. While saturated fat does increase LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, it also increases HDL (“good”) cholesterol. Plus, there are other dietary villains — such as too much sugar and carbohydrates — that can also lead to a buildup of artery-clogging particles. A study published last year in the Annals of Internal Medicine found no link between eating saturated fats and increased risk of heart attacks. Think about it…how is eating margarine which is full of chemicals better for you then good old fashioned organic grass fed butter? If you cannot pronounce the word that is in your food’s label then do not eat it.

Remember trans fats are not saturated fats.
Trans fats are the worst type of dietary fat. It is a byproduct of a process called hydrogenation that is used to turn healthy oils into solids and to prevent them from becoming rancid. Check your labels for trans fats and stay away from them and keep them away from your kids. Trans fats disables your body from making the beneficial HDL cholesterol, it also contributes to insulin resistance, and they create inflammation which contributes to autoimmune diseases (the gut) and cardiovascular disease.

It is potty time

Lets bring the bathroom into the butter topic….yes, my favorite topic. But the truth of the matter is that butter,
ghee, or a natural oil is a big contributor to what helps improve the digestive tract. If you find yourself reaching for your favorite margarine and then later wondering why your diarrhea has gotten so bad….I know you just can’t believe it is not your margarine!

Give your body a break from all these unnatural sources of butter (including the PAM spray) and let your gut start to heal with a diet composed of natural whole foods, give your digestion some time to heal and then lets talk more about BUTTer 🙂

butter biscuit

 Let me teach you more about the amazing world of fats