The holidays can be such a magical time; there are the beautiful decorations, the amazing light parades, the gorgeous Christmas trees, the lit candles, the lovely colors used to decorate homes, the cheery commercials, the reminder that it is okay to believe in magical creatures….it really is the best time of the year for so many people.  I am grateful that I get to see the holidays through my kids’ and my nieces’ and nephews’ eyes.  It does not matter if we do a quiet home celebration, family event, or a vacation…they are always enamored by the joys of the holidays (for us it is Christmas).

But sometimes the holidays bring extra stress for me.

The biggest thing that gets me is the food because I love food!  I love my mom’s chicken enchiladas, my stepmom’s coffee cake, my grandma’s chile con queso on Christmas eve, my mother in law’s lefse, and my brother in law’s sugar cookies…we all have our food that comforts us on the holidays, it makes us feel temporarily happy and joyful.   I truly wish I could stop at one cookie or one serving of chile con queso, but every year I regret the quantity and quality of food that I eat this time of year.  I have literally made myself sick on eating multiple servings of chile con queso followed up by a half a Hilshire Farms sausage and then topped it off with some Christmas cookies with a scoop (or two) of peppermint ice cream…so sick, we are talking stomach cramps and definitely failing my own poop test sick!

I am a binge eater, especially when it comes to comforting foods.

Since my childhood I have struggled with eating disorders and a really warped relationship with food.  I did not eat to live, I lived to eat and then beat myself up about it later.  I then would go on some insane diet that would involve me eating packaged food, cabbage soup, or only lemon water which would result in me being homicidal by day 2 and then cause me to sit over the kitchen sink late at night eating anything and everything I could find (including any brownies that might be lurking in the trash can).

This year is different, I am stronger and have taken control of my sugar addiction and my own health! I made it through Halloween without eating any of my kids’ candy…I did not even have the desire to eat their candy or any of the cupcakes and cookies that were at the Halloween parties we went to.  It felt good, I went from being a sugar addict to being in control of my sugar addiction.  I am proud.  I feel prepared for the holidays.

The weight gain that occurs over the holidays depressed me.

I have gained entire pant sizes from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  I have even worn maternity pants between Christmas Eve and New Years eve just so I did  not have to go buy new pants.  It is a horrible feeling to know that you are putting on the pants that you wore at 8 months pregnant just because you overate.  I would beat myself up regularly because of my lack of self control; it was truly depressing.  My battle with food is not unique, there are so many of us fighting it on a daily basis and I know that my battle was not just during the holidays but the temptations are so much more present during the holidays.  It is the reason the diet places boom between Christmas and New Years; we lack self control and do not like ourselves for it so we spend the next nine or ten months trying to make up for the overeating we did during the holidays.

Is it worth it?

Well, it is mid-November and I can confidently say no it is not worth it.  But then again no one has busted out pumpkin cheesecake or peppermint ice cream in front of me….

From today (November 12) there is exactly 5 weeks until Christmas Eve!  So exciting, yet for those of us that do not want to get back into our binge eating patterns it is slightly terrifying.  How are you feeling about the holidays?  The holiday food?  Are you a holiday binge eater or do you have self control?

I vow to not fall back into my binge eating habits and to not regain my sugar cravings!

Can I help you?

Yes, I can provide you one on one assistance in getting through the holidays.  You will get access to recipes, meal ideas (including holiday meals), grocery list, and personal health assistance that is customized for you.  If your goal is to give up sugar the next 5 weeks, we can do that.  If your goal is to have a support system to get through the holiday meals with moderation, we can do that.  Because I believe the only way to be successful is work with your own individuality then this will be customized for you.  You will have a support system that you can access daily and weekly calls with me to give you guidance, meal ideas, and to customize how to make healthy eating work for you during the holidays.

It can be done, and you can do it.  The investment during the holidays is an investment in yourself, it is a way to not have to yo-yo diet at the first of the year.  Starting November 16 until December 26 I will be here for you and we will regularly check in, you will have everything that you need to be successful.  The investment is $180.

You will be eating your own foods, there is no prepackaged products.  While working out is great, it is totally optional when working with me the next 5 weeks.  I am here to focus on your nutrition and helping you make this the best holiday season ever.

I am ready!