Oh the holidays!  What a fun time of year, right???  Yes, we all have mixed feelings on this….

There was the post-Thanksgiving bloat where we all wondered how many days we could wear stretchy pants for.  Or there are the cookies, the festive cookies…so many of them, right?

Did you over indulge at Thanksgiving?  I kind of did, less than most years though 🙂  I am not beating myself up though, I am taking this year by reins and taking control.  One way I am taking control is by knowing what I should eat to balance out my cravings.  Go on over to Blue Barn juice’s blog to read more about what your body actually needs when your cravings strike; there are also lots of healthy options instead of digging into that extra candy cane!!


I love these juices!  I am super careful though not to overindulge and to make sure I am timing my juice correctly and “chewing” it correctly.  Read more about the basics on “How to Juice”