What do you get that one person that has everything?  Well I bet they do not have EVERYTHING….

Do they have a squatty potty?  What about snowman poop?  Or a poop cookie cutter?  Or what about a good read like Kama Putra?

There really is a gift for everyone, isn’t there?  While most of these are really great white elephant gifts (except I stand behind the usefulness of the squatty potty) it does bring me on the topic of checking in with your poop during this holiday season.

squatty potty

Gross, ewww…pooo, stinky, nasty.  Get it all out of your system so you can open up your mind to what I am saying. 

Taking a look in the toilet and taking a big old sniff can tell you a lot about how your body is reacting to what you are eating and drinking.  When our body is eliminating (aka pooing) correctly there will be minimal odor and the appearance of your feces will resemble a brown organic banana in shape, it will not hurt and it will leave minimal mess behind on your Charmin toilet paper (or whatever you use).  When your body is eliminating correctly you will poop one to two times a day and you will feel great after flushing!  That is how it is suppose to work…

Tis the season for more booze…

The holidays are the season where a few more alcoholic beverages are consumed.  This may result in some rapid disposal times of your elimination….in blunt terms, you may have a case of diarrhea the morning after a few drinks. Alcohol speeds up our digestion process, this speeds up the colons job which results in diarrhea (if you are sliding into first and you feel something burst…..sorry couldn’t help the “Parenthood” reference).  So when we guzzle our high carb booze the carbs that are now rocket powered by alcohol do not have time to break down into our large intestines.

Tis the season for the egg nog and hot cocoa…

I just love these dairy rich drinks, so delicious.  But have you ever noticed after consuming something rich in dairy that you are also running for the bathroom ready to poop it out at rocket speeds?  This is a symptom of lactose intolerance. Lactose intolerance means the body cannot easily digest lactose, a type of natural sugar found in milk and dairy products. It occurs when the small intestines does not make enough lactase enzyme. It is very common in our society.  Many people that are lactose intolerance do not have the same poopy symptoms with goats milk. There is also a link (not American “scientifically” proven yet though) that many people that are lactose intolerant do fine with raw milk.  Reference this great article from Chris Kesser.

So pay attention to your poop after indulging in egg nog or the cheese from the buffet table at the holiday party.  By paying attention (or even better- keeping a food journal) to what you eat and then what the elimination process looks like you will find that your general health feels better.  When we are eating foods that our bodies are sensitive to the body goes into a “fight” mode and is doing everything it can to keep that food/drink from attacking your insides.  While our bodies are amazing fighters the long term damage you are doing to your body can be quite damaging and effects everyone differently.  When you eat food that your body is intolerant to then your body is using all of its resources to fight against that food instead of the jobs that it should be doing – breaking the food down and delivering vitamins and minerals to organs so that the body is nourished and can work optimally.

Simple solution..

Pay attention to your poop and what you eat.  Keep a food/poop journal.  Write down what you ate and when you ate it and then when you eliminate write down what your poop looked like, how it smelled, and how you felt.  It will all correlate and you can start identifying what your body does not like eating.  Or get the help of nutritional therapist practitioner and they will help you identify your food sensitivities and developing a plan to help you poop better!!!

In good health,