Do I take vitamins? Yes, and I take mineralsamino acids, and have a meal replacement powder for when I cannot get a full meal in. Even though 98% (rough estimate) of my diet comes from whole organic foods I know that I am not getting everything I need due to the mineral depletion in soil, so I look towards lines like Biotics, Metagenics,Standard Process, etc that are food grade supplements. This way I am not wasting my money on supplements like Centrum that just end up the sewer!

Most professional supplements like Standard Process and Biotics require a client/patient to get the supplement directly from them, with the rise of virtual practices though supplement companies are starting to get on the bandwagon and open e-commerce sites to professional healthcare providers. Metagenics is the first one of the supplements that I work with that has done this, I am excited about it because it is a way for my clients to purchase quality protein bars, drinks, and supplements. Shop Metagenics Online Now

I am here to answer any questions that you might have on how to add supplements into a protocol that we are already working on, and if you are wanting to achieve goals in healing the gut, weight loss, hormone balancing, or blood sugar issues please shoot me an email and I can see how I can help!