So they just want to eat candy?  Don’t we all….

So you are that amazing mom who has done everything naturally – you breastfed, you made your own baby food, made sure that they have had nothing processed or refined.  Congrats- you are amazing!!  But now this wonderful creation of yours has decided that they are done with eating all that green stuff and would instead like a stick of butter and rice for dinner…

Food battles are so common among parents and kids.  Are they worth it?  Well I am not here to tell you yes or no because every circumstance is different, but I will go back to that old saying of “pick your battle”.

True story- I was raised by a mom who made sure we ate the “superfoods” of the 80’s- so I was eating a lot of soy, canola oil, and tofu (definitely a contributor to all the hormone issues I deal with).  My mom made sure we drank plenty of water and to this day it is my drink of choice (go Mom!).  She always made sure we went to the Chiropractor and the Naturopath and that we took our vitamins…even if she had to crush them up in our soy pudding!  We were pretty healthy kids- never really needed antibiotics or medication.  We were not allowed to have refined sugars or soda and had only the healthiest of foods in our pantry and fridge.  At least this is how I remember my childhood, my mom will disagree and say she tried but then give me the list of “parenting food fails” that she did.


As I look back to my childhood I wonder if that strictness at home contributed to why when my sister and I went to our friends house we literally raided their freezers and pantries.  I remember being 11 years old and my friend gave me my first eskimo pie and taste of Jif peanut butter.  I thought I had died and gone to Heaven.  I literally ate 3 of those eskimo pies and on the last one I dipped it into the peanut butter.  It was magical and about an hour later I felt so sick!  The horrible stomach ache that I experienced after this junk food binge did not stop me from raiding fridges around the greater Houston area.  My mom did a wonderful job teaching us about healthy choices and using alternative practitioners, I am so grateful to her for this guidance.  It is greatly beneficial for me as a mom to have her guidance and knowledge to learn from.

Kids are born with an innate intelligence to know what they need.  No, I do not think I “needed” 3 eskimo pies and half a jar of Jif peanut butter.  But there is a strong chance that I needed some magnesium, calcium, protein, and some salt!

Think of a baby – they know when they need to sleep, know when they need to eat, and know when they need cuddles.  It is very primitive and as “paleo” as one can get.  As we grow up we let our outside influences start impacting our choices.  We stop listening to our bodies and what they need.

~Here is my mom advice~

Give your kids real food options and then sit back and let them make the decisions.  Empower their ability to listen to their body’s innate intelligence for what it needs.  Just give them real food.  Yes, I think everyone should eat veggies with every meal but your kid’s body may be saying “I really need vitamin A, B, and butyrate so I just want some butter and rice”.  Give them the rice, give them the butter (grass fed, of course) – let them lick the butter dish!

It is ok, I promise.  Throw away all the processed foods and give them real food.


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