First, I would like to share my own testimony about bone broth and the impact it has on mine and my family’s life.  I swear my teenagers were not bribed or sedated for their testimonies.  If my dog could type he would rave about how much it has helped his hot spots, joints, skin, and digestive health.

Recently I have began using a combination of Bone Broth IQ along with homemade bone broth.  This combination has made a dramatic difference in my digestion, my chronic inflammation, and the strength of my fingernails!!

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“I have had multiple back surgeries due to a car crash, my spine has literally been rebuilt. I’ve been told in the past that around age 30 I would not be able to walk. 6 years ago I had crippling arthritis in the few vertebrae that weren’t fused and I was told I’d need to do more surgeries. I said NO. Started religiously drinking bone broth daily. My arthritis is nearly gone. Once you’ve had a major trauma like this to the body other organs take a hard hit, exactly what happened to me. Bone broth has helped my back, my stomach, my hip bones, my adrenal glands, my thyroid…this is my 30 seconds on why I love bone broth.” ~Ali (me)

“A cup of bone broth every morning keeps my 40+ body able to keep up with these 20 year old firefighters and often able to outrun, out lift, and out endurance them.” ~Chris (Ali’s husband and firefighter of 20+ years)

“I feel better, smarter, and my basketball game is way stronger when I drink my bone broth.  My mom’s Awakening drink is my favorite breakfast and always helps me feel better when I feel like crud.” ~Aiden (my 13 year old son)

“i think bone broth is so helpful and great!! it makes me feel 10 x better!” ~Madison (my 15 year old daughter)

More Bone Broth Testimonies

“Abundant Broth’s bone broth is amazing! It is delicious and nutritious and so important to include in a healthy and nourishing diet. The “Awakening” tastes like a chai tea latte and is packed full of amazing ingredients with the bone broth including turmeric, ginger, kombu seaweed, and cinnamon (to name a few). It is my favorite and a powerhouse beverage! Just give it a try, you’ll be hooked!” ~Andrea G LAC, MSOM

“Love the bone broth and Awakening is my new addiction!!!” ~Jenna Dyel

Ali is an incredible wealth of information and Abundant Broth’s products are delicious and super nutritious. The care taken to prepare these bone broths from local, sustainable and humanely raised animals is the only way to go; especially if you’re looking to save time and space in your kitchen and life.” ~ Ariel M, firefighter

“As an Intuitive Reader/Healer I can get pretty burnt out from energetically tapping into other people all day. A few sips from my Abundant Broth (Awakenings is my favorite!) and I’m fighting fit!! Abundant Broth refreshes and energizes me. Who knew self care could taste so good!” ~Madison R, Intuitive Healer

“I am a huge Bone Broth fan. Abundant Broth Co. makes the best flavored BB that I have ever had. The Awakening flavor actually tastes like my Chai tea that I love so much (yet Bone Broth is much healthier). I also like Abundant Broth BB because it is clean and pure. Ali, the owner and creator is passionate about her product being 100%pure, clean, and healthy. Nothing artificial. No comparison !!!” ~Judy J, Global Shamanic Practitioner

It is so rare to find a company that takes such pride in it’s product. This is such a clean broth with absolutely no fillers and taste delicious. The first time I tried it I felt a difference and now I can’t live without it. I highly recommend everyone should use this product and watch your health improve.” ~Tracy K

“Amazing local broth company! I am especially impressed by the great care Abundant Broth Co. takes in the sourcing and preparation of their broths and drinks. This is truly broth with a purpose, every ingredient and recipe is thoughtfully chosen, creating the most delicious broths for sipping or cooking.” ~Hillary S, NTP

“I love the bone broths for Abundant Broth Co! I am not a huge meat eater AT ALL, but this is an amazing way for me to get some vital nutrients into my diet…and they are delicious” ~Christine L, Yoga Teacher




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