In an ideal world all of our needs would be from our food.  Unfortunately, due to many circumstances our food is not able to provide us with all of our nutrients.  We are living in an overpopulated world where food has to be mass produced which leaves our food with less minerals and vitamins then it use to have.

We are also more toxic- between household cleaners, cell phones, cosmetics, and industrial plants we are exposed to many harmful substances.  While our body is designed to detox naturally we can only detox naturally to a point.

Think of your body as the ocean.  The ocean has sea currants which is like our hearts – it pumps massive quantities of water from the equator to the poles and then back again.  Just like the heart pumps blood.  This transports nutrients through the systems.  Sea microbes are like the kidneys, liver, and lungs of our planet – they convert the waste into usable molecules.  As a system both the ocean and our bodies are designed to do their own clean up of viruses and bacteria and their own transport of nutrients.  But then the wrench gets thrown in when the trashing of the ocean happens with plastic bottles, trash, fuel, oil spills, and so on.  The ocean can naturally only clean itself so much.  This is the same theory as our bodies – they can only naturally fight against so much before they need assistance.

Dietary changes, supplementation, detoxification, and lifestyle changes can help our bodies become healthier and more resilient.  Fortunately there are trusted companies making quality products to help aide in rebuilding (or maintaining) our natural ocean like bodies.


Ali is a concierge nutritional therapist that offers distance and local services in the Charleston, SC area.  

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