It has been our dream for years to have a chunk of property that was viable enough to grow our own veggies, have some animals, and build a home that was everything we needed for our family….the American Dream.  This year our dream became possible and oh what fun and lessons we are learning!!

#1 When the land has just been cleared, it has rained, you live in pluff mud country DO not go check your land out after dark cause no matter how big your truck is you might get STUCK!!!

#2 It takes a tractor to pull a dodge out of mud….


#3 Floor Samples are a ridiculous size – what normal person can envision what a 1,000 square feet will look like with a floor sample that is 6 inches big?

P.S- we have a German Shepherd so I carry around his dog hair and lay it on floor samples to see which ones disguise his shedding mess!