“Ali has been instrumental in my 80+ pound weight loss! She is always there with custom nutrition tips to help me as an individual.” ~Janice M. (Portland, OR)

“Ali is the BEST nutritionist I have ever worked with. I cannot say enough good about my experience with her. She puts 110% into her clients and goes way above and beyond, sending recipes, checking in all the time, and constantly encouraging. She is incredibly knowledgeable and creative in her approach. I tell everyone about Ali. Get in now before it is impossible because she is so booked!”  ~ Ali K. (Houston, TX)

“Ali’s ability to work with each individual client is amazing, whether she is working with them in person or at a distance. She has guided me through both a candida/yeast diet and also in way of eating where I have been able to give up sugar. Yeah !!! Through the years, I have worked with many alternative practitioners, but have never found one that put much emphasizes on my digestion. Ali believes this is where it all begins. Because of her understanding and guidance in this area, I am losing weight and have much more energy.” ~ Judy J. (Bellaire, TX)

“I’m one of those unfortunate women that spends their pregnancy sick as a dog with my face over the toilet bowl- not a bowl of ice cream. As a last ditch effort I met with Ali- not expecting anything since the drugs from my dr couldn’t even provide some relief. Was I wrong! I have been able to keep food down, started putting on weight, and am finally beginning to feel like a normal human being! It’s amazing! Most importantly, I can enjoy my family and get excited for this new addition. Ali has completely changed my perspective on nutrition and what it means to be healthful. I am so grateful that despite the circumstances I have a new outlook that I can share with my family. As her card states, it really is small changes for outstanding results. My advice: don’t wait to feel good!” ~Molly B. (Charleston, SC)

“Ali is so friendly and easy to take advice from. She is genuinely committed to helping people be healthier and is really good at finding healthy alternatives that actually fit into your current life style.” ~ Emily M. (Eugene, OR)

“Ali is very passionate and knowledgeable. You won’t find anyone more down to earth and real.” ~Crystal R. (Junction City, OR)

“I have lost over 25 pounds so far with Ali’s help. I feel much better and have lots more energy. She’s also helped clear up my eczema.” ~Christopher P. (Charleston, SC)



A note from me to all of you

“I am so grateful to have amazing clients, I get the pleasure of working with them locally in the Charleston, SC area and others that I get to work with virtually over the phone/skype/email. Sometimes these virtual clients become in person clients when I get to visit them or they come to Charleston to see me.  It is an amazing honor to work with each of my clients and a responsibility I never take lightly.  I love working  with people who have such a strong desire to get healthy and make lifestyle changes.”  In good health~ Ali Anderson, NTP



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